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Somewhere near the beginning of Just Put it Out There!'s second season Kim made a decision to go with an entirely new format.  Prior to then her  weekly guests were most often first time visitors to the show.  Mid second season Kim had the idea of introducing a panel of "Experts", in their respective fields, to come on the show once each month and share with the listening audience some of their experiences and also some of the wisdom they have accumulated over the years working in their respective fields.


As the weeks passed, Kim has had some very interesting shows with the new format.  What started out as an experiment has has grown into a very unique style that the listeners of the show have voiced their approval towards.  If you are new to the program, the  details of the new format are below.  We hope you will take the time to comment on the show to help us continue to improve.  You can do so using the comment form on our contact page.  We hope you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoy producing the shows.


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    Kim McClish

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    Just Put it Out There! can be heard live every Friday evening from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on &  It is also broadcast live on WGAI 560 AM in the Elizabeth City, NC listening area.