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When God Sends a Man

Welcome to our inaugural show for 2019. Host Kim McClish is joined by her new first Friday of the month guest, Mark Kerce for his new segment, "When God Sends a Man." Listen in and reach out to Mark with your thoughts, opinions and encouragement.

The GYM Is Open

Kim's guests this week are Gerald and Yvette Benton. Tonight they share about Gerald's road to regaining the trust of Yvette, as well as their children, and the journey getting there. It was a lot of hard work and still is a work in progress, but it can be done. Listen in and see how.





God's Devine Plan for Devine Women, Part 3

Tonight show features installment 3 in the current series with Yvette Benton, "Gods Devine Plan For Devine Women". Kim and Yvette discuss more on the topic of how God can set you free to be everything He wants you to be, by following His plan and setting aside your own. Awesome show as always with Yvette!




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